Long Beach, California, USA

Complex description

In 2016, S7 Group declared signing of the contract with Sea Launch Group of companies, providing purchase of complex "Sea Launch". Subjects of the transaction was Sea Launch Commander ship, “Odyssey” platform with the equipment of rocket segment installed on them, the land equipment in Home Port (Long Beach, USA) and all intellectual rights belonging to Sea Launch company including the trademark. Today S7 Space plans to provide 70 commercial launches within 15 years. The company has signed the cooperation agreement with RSC “Energia” directed to renewal of Sea Launch complex operation. 


Complex structure

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ILV "Zenit-3SL"

Zenit-3SL, Integrated Launch Vehicle (ILV) of the middle class capable to put payload weighing more than 6000 kg to orbits, transitional to geostationary.

Environmentally friendly components are used as a fuel for this ILV: liquid oxygen (oxidizer) and kerosene (fuel).

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Launch platform "Odyssey"

Launch operations are carried out from the extremely steady platform. Launch platform moves on couple of big pontoons. It is self-moving by means of the four-propeller propulsion system (two propellers in each case). Each propeller is set in motion by dual electric motors of a direct current... More

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Assembly and command ship

Assembly and command ship is specially designed for satisfaction of unique requirements of "Sea Launch" project.
Overall dimensions of the ship make about 200 m (660 feet) in length and 32 m (110 feet) width.
The general displacement is about 27612 tons (30400 short tons).

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