> > Assembly of launch vehicles "Zenit" in the USA

Assembly of launch vehicles "Zenit" in the USA

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin in an interview to “Kommersant” has told that he has no objections against the contract of S7 Group with Ukrainian “Yuzhmash”. He has emphasized that launch vehicle "Zenit" “consists for 80% from the Russian accessories, and these 20% can be reproduced quietly in Russia”.

Remind that production of launch vehicles "Zenit" on “Yuzhmash” has been suspended in 2014 because of a rupture of industrial cooperation between Moscow and Kiev after integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation.

In June of last year, “Yuzhmash” declared signing of the contract on delivery of launch vehicles "Zenit" to affiliated structure of the Russian S7 Group of companies. The agreement has provided creation of 12 launch vehicles, which (as speak at the enterprise) will be used for launches from the Pacific Ocean area (“Sea Launch” project) and from Baikonur Cosmodrome (“Land Launch” project).

"Regarding final assembly of products in the USA, here I don't see a problem. The floating spaceport is in the United States. If the private company has solved lawsuit with “Boeing” and has saved the project, then I do not see any problems in giving to this company a chance (until creation of "Soyuz-5", in which project it will also be able to take part) to solve cooperation problems independently. Anyway, Russian enterprises will receive the serious order", Mr.Rogozin summarized.

Assembly of launch vehicles "Zenit" in the USA