> > Development of LV for “Sea launch” project

Development of LV for “Sea launch” project

      RSC “Energia” and S 7 Group has begun development of commercially attractive version of launch vehicle of the middle class, "Union-5", which can receive reusable technologies, the CEO of RSC “Energia”, Vladimir Solntsev reported.
     Earlier the CEO of "S 7 STS" company Sergey Sopov criticized the LV developed by RSC “Energia” for its obsolete characteristics and high cost. The acting CEO of the Progress State Research and Production Space Centre, Ravil Akhmetov has told that “Roskosmos” State Corporation issued the corresponding orders about need of reduction in cost of LV "Union-5".
   "For the first time in Russia within public-private partnership (together with “S7 Space” company) we try to create a new launch vehicle based on LV "Union-5" in commercial option. First of all, development of such LV is necessary for launches from SRC “Sea Launch”. From the constructive point of view, this product and this launch vehicle for the piloted programs of the Russian Federation will be most unified. But while both versions are created in parallel, the commercial LV on rates of decrease in the cost will advance basic options of "Union-5" and, respectively, "bring it up" to this trend on decrease in cost value", Solntsev has told.
Development of LV for “Sea launch” project