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LV "Soyuz-5" Lauch Pad

   The first Russian private space company “S7 Space” suggests the restoring of destroyed launch pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome for launches of new Russian launch vehicles "Soyuz-5". “However, functioning platform should still be used for launches of LV “Zenit”, the CEO of “S 7 Space” Company (“S 7” Group of Companies), Sergey Sopov said.    
   Earlier in an interview to the "Space Researches & Technologies" magazine Sopov told that “S 7” had suggested the Kazakhstan Side to start the restoring of destroyed launch platform  "Zenit" (as the first step of “Bayterek” Complex’ modernization).  The restoring will keep possibility to provide projects within launches of LV "Zenit" for delivery of payloads before the creation of Russian LV of the middle class "Soyuz-5".

   As the CEO of “S7 Space” has specified, the company suggests to continue LV “Zenit” launches from the platform, which is available at the Cosmodrome, and to restore the destroyed platform for launches of LV "Soyuz-5" which will appear only by 2022.

  "Our offer is favorable to all Sides. The Russian enterprises releasing engines and the third step for “Zenit” (in general about 80% of accessories of LV) will continue to support their industrial capacities and will keep it before transition to production of LV "Soyuz-5". The Kazakhstan Side will be able to earn money thanks to "Zenit" launches and to keep launch figuring’ experts that is the people who are directly preparing LV and the launch complex for carrying out launches”, Sopov has told.
   According to his words, it would be economically inexpedient to restore the destroyed platform for "Zenit" launches because LV "Soyuz-5" is in developing stage.
Earlier it’s been became known that the Ukrainian PA "Yuzhmash" is conducting production of 12 LV “Zenit” by request of “S7”. At the same time one of two LV, which are in high readiness today, is intended for launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome and the second one is intended for launch from SRC "Sea Launch" (the owner of the SRC is “S7”).

  At Baikonur Cosmodrome, there is only one operating launch pad for launches of LV "Zenit". The second platform was destroyed in 1990 because of LV’ explosion. “S7” suggests its restoring. Earlier it’s been became known, that the platform which isn't destroyed (but it is preserved) will be modernized for future launches of LV "Soyuz-5" developed now in Russia.


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LV "Soyuz-5" Lauch Pad