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Private Space in Russia

“After closing of the transaction on the floating SRC "Sea Launch" Russia took a way of development of private cosmonautics. Development of this industry requires many efforts; however, the technological capacity of the country is able to provide its presence at Outer Space during the next several decades”, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Astronautics, Andrey Ionin, considers.

Earlier the CEO of S7 Space, Sergey Sopov, said that the transaction on purchase of "Sea Launch" is closed.

"As our Chinese wise strategic partners speak, even the long way begins with the first step. There was a lot of talks about need of emergence of private astronautics in Russia, referring to the American experience, and that event when the transaction took place and really unique floating spaceport became the property of the Russian private company – it was the first step of this way", Ionin told.

According to his words, S7 Team that came from business sphere still should prove that it is capable and worthy to be engaged in a space industry, "which has particular importance in our country ".

The Idea for decades

Ionin considers that the Idea of the company about creation of the Orbital Spaceport based on the International Space Station will be able to occupy the Russian space industry for the next several decades. Besides, development of such Orbital transport hub shall become an admission to distant space for humanity, according to his words.

"It is very important that S7 Space Company looks forward far. The Idea about creation of the Orbital Spaceport and space transportation system "Near space - Outer space" becomes the Idea for decades, even I would tell, for about fifty years. This serious Idea should determine the future of the Russian space-rocket industry and in general the future of the world’s Space industry", Ionin added.

Ionin compared creation of such space system to creation of the first space vehicles in the 50’s of the last century. Then there was necessary to develop vehicles that could send the Person to the Space, and now creation of the Orbital Spaceport is necessary to reach the Moon, Mars and more far-out planets.

Necessary technological break

For implementation of the Idea of the Russian Orbital Spaceport, it will be necessary to create space tows working at nuclear energy. They will not appear if just to scale the existing technologies, their implementation will require technological breaks in the field of nuclear power engineering. "Creation of the interorbital tows using nuclear energy is really breakthrough technology. If Russia creates it (and now we have the best conditions for this purpose) it will provide Russian presence in Space for decades and we be able to become a key player there", Ionin told.

According to his words it will be possible to create such tows without attraction of a significant amount of resources.

"Having spent a small amount of resources, having created these nuclear tows, we will provide the most necessary answer of future space programs. It is (as fashionable to speak now) the “asymmetric answer”. We can't spend tens of billions dollars as our present partners in the ISS, but having created such breakthrough technologies and having created such transport system, we will solve a problem which must be solved", the expert noted. 

"The main task in Outer space activities is to provide technology development of the country, and the second task (it is such political and mental) is to provide worthy presence of Russia at Outer space", Ionin added.


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Private Space in Russia