> > S7 Space at the ‘Space as Business’ conference

S7 Space at the ‘Space as Business’ conference

Strategy of S7 Space on entry into the market of commercial space launches and the scenarios of the company on development of astronautics including creation of Orbital Spaceport have been submitted at the ‘Space as Business’ conference.

The co-owner of S7 Group, Vladislav Filev, and the CEO of the company "S 7 Space Transport Systems, Sergey Sopov, became conferees "Space as business" which has taken place in Moscow on Tuesday, December 12.


Within the conference, some discussions have taken place. These discussions was devoted to intersectional interaction in the sphere of space, to the market of space services and synergy of the state interests and to commercialization of space activity.
Vladislav Filev in his presentation "Space transport company: the effective transport systems of near and far space" has opened the closest plans of holding and have sounded strategy S7 for entry into the market of commercial space launches.

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Session "Space-2050: scenarios of development" became the concluding event of a conference. Within discussion about the future of space branch, CEO of "S 7 Space Transport Systems", Sergey Sopov, has submitted the scenario of the solution of problems of development of distant space.


“Orbital Spaceport” project, multipurpose orbital complex, is supposed to use for assembly and filling of spacecrafts, for sending them on other Earth orbits and for flights to the Moon and Mars.


Earlier, in November, 2017, Igor Komarov, the head of Roskosmos, and Sergey Sopov, CEO of S 7 STS, have signed the relevant cooperation agreement in creation of the multipurpose orbital complex focused including, on launching activity of the space-rocket complex "Sea Launch".

The first conference of ROSKOSMOS devoted to commercialization of space activity, "Space as business" has taken place on December 12, in the conference center of “Lotte Hotel”.

Specialists of State corporations, enterprises and organizations of ROSKOSMOS, large Russian and international business, representatives of the Ministries and departments, state companies became conferees. They have discussed new opportunities of interaction of ROSKOSMOS and commercial structures, space services and possible niches for space activity of Russia at the international markets and the future of world space.

About the conference,

Vladislav Filev's presentation

Sergey Sopov's presentation

S7 Space at the ‘Space as Business’ conference