On March 15 in Moscow Museum of Astronautics, the CEO of S 7 Space, Sergey Sopov, has taken part in the “Space without formulas” talk show. "The Russian private Space" – here was the main task of the meeting. 
Sergey Sopov has told about creation, development and plans of the largest private space company in the Russian Federation. He has also told about providing space business in Russia and about some things that are necessary to succeed in this business (to compete and win in the market of commercial satellites’ launches). 

Some questions about functioning of the Russian segment of ISS after 2024 and creation of space system with the transport power module on ISS base in the long term have been discussed. "Chemical engines (which are in use now) have sputtered out. These engines are not suitable for flights in distant space at all. If you can get a safe power source of a megawatt class, you will be a leader in a branch of future space systems and communications", Sergey Sopov has said.


In addition, the CEO of S7 Space has said that essentially new and cheap launch vehicle can help his company to compete in the market of launch services (within using of SRC "Sea Launch"). Price is one of fundamental questions. It is necessary to find a common language with the Russian producers. "We consider that price question (prime cost of the launch vehicles and launch equipment which we use) is primary. Prime cost, the price are the same important characteristics as weight and specific draft".


“S7 Group of Companies” has begun to carry out space activity in September 2016. “S 7” having signed contract with “Sea Launch Group of Companies” on purchase of SRC "Sea Launch". In addition, the cooperation agreement, which means joint activities for operation renewal of «Sea Launch», has been signed. 


There is one launch of "Zenit" from Baikonur Cosmodrome (which was carried out on December 27, 2017) on the account of “S 7”. “S 7” has acted as the operator of launch. At the end of 2019, “S 7” plans to carry out its first launch of “Zenit” within using of SRC "Sea Launch".