> > Roscosmos is ready "to privatize" the Russian segment of the ISS

Roscosmos is ready "to privatize" the Russian segment of the ISS

SC “Roscosmos” is ready "to privatize" the Russian segment of the ISS.

SC “Roscosmos” is ready to discuss transfer of the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) to concession to S7 group of companies. For studying of a question, State Corporation is waiting for the official written address. The idea to take the Russian segment in concession has been voiced on February 13 by the CEO of “S 7 STS Company”, Sergey Sopov in an interview to “Izvestia”. “Roscosmos” has emphasized that the idea in general "corresponds to vision of State Corporation about prospects of a research of Space in the near future". According to experts, "privatization" of the ISS is a certain way to prolong existence of the station after 2024.

Development of private astronautics is a universal trend of the 21st century. It is more and more examples of that: now, for example, possible transfer of the American segment of the ISS to the private company is discussed. In 2024, multilateral agreement of project’s member countries comes to the end, and NASA is ready to transfer American infrastructure to the one who will be ready to contain it. There are persons interested in the Russian segment of the ISS. The CEO of the company "S 7 STS" (enters into S7 Group of Companies), Sergey Sopov declared that he wants to take the Russian segment of the ISS in concession from “Roscosmos”. This year documentary issued proposal can be made to State Corporation, have told “Izvestia” in “S 7”. The enterprises of space-rocket branch will be involved in development of the offer.

 “Roskosmos” is ready to discuss offers of “S 7”.
— “S 7” initiative of development of public and private partnership in space corresponds to vision of State Corporation about prospects of a research of Space in the near future”, have reported to “Izvestia” in State Corporation. “Roskosmos will consider offers of the “S 7” Company on possible joint operation of the Russian segment of the ISS when they arrive”.

 S7 is ready to take the Russian part of the station in concession in 2022. In the fall of 2017 the “S 7 Group of Companies” and SC “Roskosmos” conducted negotiations on cooperation on the piloted subject. Following the results of the memorandum of cooperation has been signed, including during creation of the multipurpose orbital complex, which subsequently has received the informal name "Orbital Spaceport". It can be created based on the Russian segment of the ISS and can be used for assembly and gas station of spacecrafts.
The member of advisory council at the Government of the Russian Federation Andrey Ionin considers that development of public-private partnership gives the chance to keep the ISS after 2024.

 — “Certainly, the ISS as an infrastructure facility has to be kept”, Andrey Ionin has told Izvestia. “Near Earth there has to be a manned station”. However, development of near space is a business task at first. Moreover, the state in partnership with the private companies has to focus on a research of distant Space. In the USA process of "privatization" is already started, Russia is ready to offer the options too. Detailed discussion of realization of concession by business and “Roskosmos” has to become the first step for realization of large-scale "Orbital SPC".

The S7 group of companies has begun space activity in September 2016. In 2016, S7 Group declared signing of the contract with Sea Launch Group of companies, providing purchase of complex "Sea Launch". Subjects of the transaction was Sea Launch Commander ship, “Odyssey” platform with the equipment of rocket segment installed on them, the land equipment in Home Port (Long Beach, USA) and all intellectual rights belonging to Sea Launch company including the trademark. Today S7 Space plans to provide 70 commercial launches within 15 years. Owners of the “S 7 Group” are spouses Vladislav Filev and Natalya Fileva.

Now there is one launch of "Zenit" from Baikonur Cosmodrome on the account of “S 7”, which was carried out on December 27, 2017 (S7 acted as operator of launch). The following launch of "Zenit" (from SRC “Sea Launch”) “S 7” plans for the end of 2019. (Photo by P.Yurchihin) 

Roscosmos is ready "to privatize" the Russian segment of the ISS