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Launch of SC "Angosat-2"

The CEO of S7 Space Company, Sergey Sopov, specified that the satellite could become a payload for the first launch of S7 Space from the floating spaceport "Sea Launch".

The Russian Company "S 7 Space" (the owner of the floating spaceport "Sea Launch") is ready to launch SC "Angosat-2". The CEO of the Company, Sergey Sopov, has reported about that.

"S 7 Space" Company was an operator of SC "Angosat-1" launch. The launch of LV "Zenit-2SB" took place in December 2017 from Baikonur Cosmodrome within “Land Launch” project.

"If they ask us, we will say “yes” ", - Sergey Sopov told, answering an appropriate question

Sergey Sopov also specified that "Angosat-2" could become a payload for S 7 Space first launch from the floating spaceport "Sea Launch" which is planned for December 2019. "Payload for the first launch is not determined yet.  Perhaps, “Angosat-2” will be our payload”, - Sergey Sopov added.

Launch of SC "Angosat-2"